Cheerleading Specific Performance Coaching Designed to Take Your Cheerleading to the next level

The sheer athleticism in Cheerleading that it takes to complete tumbling passes plus the insane stunts that almost defy the laws of physics… It's an amazing and heart stopping sport and it’s no wonder it’s so popular!”

However, with this intensity, there is a cost to young, growing bodies…



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With this high impact and advanced skills comes an increased injury risk. 
It’s not unusual for junior girls to have had multiple injuries or even 
concussions or before the age of 15! 

Time of the mat sucks!

Sitting out during competition season when you have worked hard all year can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening no matter what level you compete at.

 The Cheer Academy Program, is designed to help your kids compete as often as their team requires, without pain, and helping them avoid injury so they don’t spend time sitting out of competitions.

Reduce avoidable injury

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in a doctor's office or having endless appointments with physios, OT’s and chiropractors to deal with niggling or servere injuries caused by cheer. Not only does it take up a lot of time, it also hurts the hip pocket! 

Our program is designed to keep you off the physio’s table by providing your child with the strength and ability to help avoid injury.

Imagine what Cheer athletes could achieve without the injuries they have had, and how much their athletic performance could improve if they had the knowledge and strength to support them more in their cheer careers.

Compete at your full potential 

The reason you cheer…whether it’s for fun, to be part of a team, or to be the best at any given competition. Our program is designed to help your child reach their full potential. 

The Academy program is designed to help you compete full out while remaining injury free. You will be able to jump higher, perform better and reach your goals faster.

Why was the Cheer Academy Program Developed?

We developed the Cheer Academy Program with two main goals in mind 

  • To develop the physical resilience to reduce or avoid preventable injuries
  • To develop the confidence in Cheer Athlete’s bodies to compete at the highest levels possible

We developed the Cheer Academy Program with two main goals in mind 

  • Helping dedicated and motivated cheerleaders avoid knee, ankle and lower back injuries that limit their ability to progress through levels.
  • ​Help stop the frequency of injuries and forced time off during competition season.
  • ​Give them the strength and ability to not only avoid injury but also help them perform at their best.

What Can You Expect When You or Your Child Joins The Cheer Academy Program?

  • Specific strength and conditioning programing based on each individual’s movement screen results to decrease muscular imbalances, improve your strength, speed and power, alleviate ankle and knee pain and decrease overall injury risk. 
  • Two group strength and conditioning sessions per week
  • ​To be apart of a strong community of Cheer athletes striving for excellence


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